Maqui Berry and the prevention of diabetes

Studies of a standardized extract of Maqui Berry fruit rich in delphinidins in the maintenance of glucose balance

Anthocyanins are polyphenols with antioxidant activity, to which a number of healthy biological activities have been attributed, which include prevention or reduction of risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus (DM), arthritis, and cancer.

This work shows that a standardized extract of maqui berry rich in delfinidines, reduces the basal levels of blood glucose after 4 months of treatment. Read full study →

MaquiBerry (Aristotelia chilensis)

Maqui berry and the prevention of macular degeneration (AMD)

Effectiveness of maqui berry extract to prevent the death of photoreceptor cells by exposure to visible light.

A team of researchers from Gify Pharmaceutical University, and the Research & Development Division of Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd--both from Japan--publised in 2013 a research paper on the properties of certain components of maqui berry to prevent the loss of vision caused by light exposure. Read full study →

Maqui berry and dry eye

Restoration of lacrimal secretion capacity by oral administration of maqui berry extract.

Another collaborative study --also by Japanese scientists-- researched the effect of maqui berry on the lacrimal function in dry eye associated to video display terminals (VDT) use.

The study results indicate that maqui berry extract restored dry eye symptoms by acting on the lacrimal gland and may represent a very potent nutritional treatment for its prevention. Read abstract →

Maqui berry: A nutraceutical of medicinal relevance

Author: Dr. Jorge Alonso – Published by the Sociedad de Farmacología de Chile (Pharmacology Society of Chile).

Nutraceuticals form a heterogeneous group of food, which besides its mere nutritional function, claim to have a beneficial effect for human health. Among these food, maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) stands out. Its fruits have proved to have a wide variety of biological effects: primarily analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, thus becoming a complementary approach to chronic processes. Its high content of anthocyanins and a considerable presence of polar polyglycosed derivatives, make the fruits of A. chilensis a valuable resource for the elaboration of antioxidant extracts to be used in food and nutraceuticals. Currently, there are many products based on maqui berry extracts in the North American market. Read full study (in Spanish) →

Maqui berry: the smallest and most powerful natural anti-age

Anti-aging, anti-obesity and chronic diseases preventive: this are some of the beneficial health properties of maqui berry.

Among the berries, Maqui Berry is the richest in anthocyanins (polyphenols) what makes it the most antioxidant fruit in the world. And maqui is a small berry that grows wild in southern Patagonia, known from ancient times to the native population of that part of the world, the Mapuche, who used it as an energizer and as a remedy to be applied on wounds. Read full article →